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          1. Supvan Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd
            Supvan Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd

            Supvan Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise. specializing in industrial identification products’ R & D, manufacture and sales. The company is located in Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech park Haidian Park and belongs to national high-tech enterprises, with a registered capital of 10billion yuan. It is the first company that is devoted to developing and producing professional industrial identification products in Chinese market.

            Supvan company is focused on design, R & D, manufacture and sales of identification products, with thermal transfer as the core technology. The present line of Supvan products include Supvan series tube printers, plate printers and label printers. Supvan products are all independent R & D and are characterized by humanization design, advanced technology, powerful function, faster print speed, higher print quality, convenient and timely customer service, and cost-effective characteristics. These qualities have quickly won the favor of our customers, making Supvan series tube printers the first choice brand for domestic customers and leading our contribution as the largest share of the Chinese market for tube printers..