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          1. Label printer
            Supvan label printer solution

                 Our lives from mere procurement development program procurement phase.We  believe our design will greatly reduce your selection procurement troubles and worries. Regardless of your company size, large square can provide you with a comprehensive set of appropriate economic business solutions to industrial identification standardization needs.
                 We provide nation wide  support and service department for all customers to provide "a phone completely solve the" support complete systems approach. The full support of the program include: recommendations, training, consulting, maintenance and on-site service, which means that users can confidently choose a large square industrial identification solutions.
                Profound and comprehensive understanding of the field of industrial marking our expertise.
                Whether you have any needs, such as labels, signs, sleeve, heat shrink tube, nameplate can consult us, is our pleasure to provide you with free services. 


            Recommended model
            • Easy storage

            • Fast design

            • Easy to use

            Application cases